Client Love



Holly is an intuitive and creative person in all aspects. She has helped me with many fashion suggestions and a few that helped me avoid some major fashion mistakes. She has also helped my 25 year old son who is begining his career. You will find Jolly knowledgeable and just flat fun as all het out! I promise you will learn, love it, and laugh along the way. She is simply marvelous.

Thanks to Holly’s hard work, I have THE MOST FABULOUS closet! Not only is it cleaned and organized, but all of my clothes are pieces that I love and things that are updated, stylish, and right for my body! I had way too many clothes and I didn’t even realize where there were gaps in my wardrobe. Holly helped me to edit down my choices and helped teach me some great keys to fashion success. She showed me which items were the best things in my wardrobe and explained why and how I should wear and pair them. She helped me feel more confident and proud of my personal style.




Fitness Instructor

What makes Holly so good at her job is how she teaches you not only what to wear, but how to do this for yourself. For someone like me, who is transitioning out have having small children, it’s hard to find a balance between looking stylish without looking too young. It can be hard to justify spending money on myself and my wardrobe, but scheduling time with Holly is well worth the investment! Her amazing expertise shows you how to make smarter decisions in your shopping, stretch your budget, and look like the best version of yourself.

Holly is an excellent worker, whom is energetic and dependable. She’s always on time, open to learning and a great team player. I enjoy working with her and love how she’s always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done.


Posche Productions


Holly is an amazing stylist who brings out the inner style of her clients. She uses a compassionate tough love approach to help her clients challenge out dated thoughts and wardrobes. With her support, I found my personal style…. zen with an edge! As a business owner of a yoga studio, looking my best, whether in yoga clothes or a suit, is critical for my success. Holly helped me navigate the unique challenges by showing me fashion updates and quick transitional pieces that allow me to go from the studio to a business meeting with ease.

I was the person that didn’t realize I needed fashion advice. Which meant I was definitely the person who needed it! I hated shopping. Holly spent time getting to understand what I did with my time. Busy mom, work fulltime. Love to go to the gym. So basically I lived in athletic pants and a ponytail. After our consultation and style review, Holly reminded me that I deserve and must take care of myself. I can throw on a top with a pair of jeans, and with just a little umph- a belt, a scarf, a necklace and or a jacket, and the look goes from ok- to WOW! She really looks put together. I have received compliments every time I have left the house since my meeting with Holly. And I have my entire fall wardrobe basics in my closet with a few pieces here and there that I will add over the next few months. For the first time in years, I feel pretty. I feel sharp and confident- not just a mom trying to rush through the day! Thanks Holly!



I cannot say enough great things about Holly. She’s an artist; a true master of her craft. Her approach is a perfect blend of professionalism, humor and respect. She understands that fashion is much more than what you have in your closet. Not only did she help me clear out my wardrobe, she taught me why I should keep or toss certain items, and how to wear them best considering my body type, personality and career. She took me shopping and did the same thing; didn’t just pick out clothes but showed me how to shop for me. As a working mom of two, I haven’t had a chance to do either of those things in many years, and I was in desperate need of a refreshed wardrobe. What a difference!! I get compliments everywhere I go, and I have confidence I haven’t had in years!

I highly recommend using Holly Katz if you are a young professional looking to advance in your career. She meets you where you are and allows you to discover your own style that takes you straight to the board room. I have never felt so confident, best investment in myself that I could have ever made.



Holly is such an amazing stylist. She took me shopping and made me feel so comfortable about my choices in clothes. She took the time to educate me on pieces that were flattering to my full figure. I had an absolutely amazing time modeling on Atlanta & Co. For the Summer of the Curvy Girls segment. Holly knows just what the Dr. ordered. 

Having my closet cleaned out is the kick in the pants (no pun intended) I really needed.  I had so many things that were too big that I wasn’t wearing.  She got me to the alterations place and really taught me the importance of a good dry cleaner.  Even though I’m a work in progress, I love having my stuff so organized. Also, I was using my closet for extra storage for stuff that didn’t have a “home” which I was taught was not the best use of the space.  She is threatening to come back over if I don’t keep my act together!



I highly recommend Holly. I am a 58 year old professional woman. I need to look put together but I didn’t want to look old or frumpy. Holly helped me clean out my old wardrobe and put together some stylish and fun outfits. I have had so many complements since she worked with me.